Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Congrats Matt Kuchar, You Lucky Bastard

I didn't watch much of the first FedEx Cup Playoff event at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey this week, but I did catch the last few minutes of the coverage on Sunday which provided more than enough highlights.

First off, congratulations to Matt Kuchar on the win. This year has been chalked full of dramatic finishes and today was no exception. As of right now, Kuch has taken over the lead for this year's Cup and is in the driver
s seat to take home that glorious $10 million dollar check in a few weeks.

Kuchar, like every other guy out there is a pro. He hits more than a few great shots a round. But if you haven't seen his approach shot on 18 yet, take a look.

That shot was something else... Luck.

I haven't bothered listening to the press conferences or reading the interviews (who would really?) but I would bet my front teeth that Kuchar was just hoping to put the ball on the green from his burried lie in the rough. He didn't even get it close to the green but the ball takes a ridiculous hop and does a loop around the flag and comes to rest 30 inches from the pin. Can't call that nuthin but a lucky shot.

Kuchar's good luck this afternoon shouldn't take away from his victory. He has been one of the most improved players on the tour this year and he has been posted more high finishes than any of his peers. He is consistent week to week and has a clean repeatable swing that is fun to watch.

But his victory today just goes to show you that for all the new gadgets, golf balls, and high-tech clubs, good old fashioned luck still plays a huge role even at the highest level.

And we are addicted to the game because of it. I mean come on, how far would that putt have rolled by last week if it didn't pour into the hole? yeah, we all saw that. A little luck every once and a while goes a long way. Especially if it ends up winning you a cool ten mil.

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