Monday, September 6, 2010

Laboring through labor day

A quick shout out to the working men and women who gave us labor day.  Thanks to you, JP and I were able to put in a hard day's work at South Riding Golf Club in Chantilly, VA.

Unfortunately my game is still sick and I wasn't able to really get much going today.  I salvaged a 92 by sinking a few putts, but I couldn't get my short game and drives in order.  For JP, who is a much better golfer than me, the day was even more frustrating.  He shot a 90.

Although the golf was forgetable, the weather was absolutely spectacular and the company was good pretty damn good too.   Outside of my dad, JP is the one who is most responsible for my golf addiction.  He got me addicted to the game in college and now he about 40 miles away up in Ellicott City, so we get to play together quite a bit.

For a while today I thought I would actually beat him, for the second time ever.  We both shot 47's on the front, and I went par, bogey, par on 10, 11, and 12 and picked up 3 strokes on him.  But then the real me came back and I doubled 13 and tripled 14.  And poof, there went the lead. 

The real highlight of the day was that I was able to play with my own driver again.  As you may recall, U.S. Air busted it on a flight back from Boston a few weeks ago.  But after my round with JE at Redgate, he told me that he had just reshafted his 2007 Burner driver and that he happened to have his old stock shaft still in his car.  He had no use for it, so he just gave it to me.  After the round I went straight to Golf Galaxy and had them install it.  Thirty bucks later, my driver problems were solved.  Unfortunately it didn't make a whole lot of difference in my game...

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