Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where to find excitment at the Fedex Cup

The Sand Trap has done it again; bravo my friends, bravo.  In their most recent post, "Forget the $10 Million, Who’s Going to Move the Needle?" the guys ranked the remaining players not by who should win, who is likely to win, or who will win.   Instead they do a helluva job raniking the guys on a scale from the most boring story (Goosen) to the best story (Bubba Watson). 

I love this post.  Well, I love this post besides the needless smackdown that Steve Stricker gets.  How someone could hate him so much, I have no idea.

Above all else, I really like the description of why Phil Mickelson is so much fun to watch.  They say, "Mickelson's long been my favorite player. He's got the bold, daring attitude that makes him one of the few guys I'll watch through an entire 18 holes on a Thursday. Every swing can be spectacular or disastrous and that's thrilling, if not painfully frustrating. The payoff is when he makes back to back eagles on the way to the green jacket. But Phil falls from the top spot because his interviews feel too put-on these days, and his Eddie Haskell act can be a bit much. No doubt in my mind, however, that he's the most exciting player on the course no matter if he's leading or trying to avoid finishing DFL."

I have no idea who Eddie Haskell is, and I dont even care.  The thing about this commentary is that it just reeks of the truth.  I mean who else can almost go back to back to back eagles at Augusta!?!  And follow that up with an encore of missing the cut everytime the Golf Channel hypes him up for taking the number one spot in the world.

Scott may be the sexiest man in the world,
but he's a pretty boring golfer.
Besides the Stricker hate fest, the other bone to pick I had was the decision to rank Adam Scott as the number four most exciting guy in the field.  I have to call bullshit on this one.  Scott may be the fourth best looking guy on tour, but certainly not the most exciting.   It was pretty cool to love Adam Scott in 2004, when he was going to be "that young guy" that took down the Tiger.  He failed.  Yes I know he's a cool aussie surfer dude, and that he's back because he won this year.  But he's still just a pretty face with an automoton-esque personality.  Sorry mate, you missed it on this one. 

Anyway, definately give this article a read.  It's more then worth your while.

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