Monday, September 13, 2010

Fantasy Schizophrenia

For much of America the beginning of the NFL season also marks the beginning of the Fantasy Football season.  Its a silly game, really, but severely addicting.  I'm not the biggest football fan in the world, but I'm still running three teams this year.

Unfortunately fantasy football drafts and the start of the season coincide closely with the the FedEX Cup and the wind-down of the golf season.  So for those of us that play fantasy golf too, its a schizophrenic time. 

In case you don't know, fantasy golf is awesome.  Just like fantasy football, its a great way to get interested in any tournament.  And, for golf dorks like you and I, its a great way to waste a Sunday afternoon.

I'm in a fairly uncompetitive league with my golfing buddy from college, JP,  and my Dad and a few of his friends.  On most weeks, its just me and JP making new picks, but during majors and other big tournament's it gets a lot more interesting.  Two years running now, I've come in a fairly distant second in the league.  JP, ran away with the trophy last time, and this year it looks like he will win as well.

And just to vent for a second, it pisses me off.  With me, JP and golf, this is always the case.  He always beats me, no matter how well I play.  For example, we played a round this weekend.  I shot an 85, he shot an 84.  Last time we played, I shot a 92, he shot a 90.  And going way back, he would even do this to me in Tiger Woods golf on PlayStation.  I would shoot 57, he'd shoot a 56.  So damn frustrating.

Anyway, back to the point: Sunday afternoon was crazy.  I had Casey, Stricker, Goosen and Kuchar in the race at Cog Hill and I had Randy Moss, Cedric Benson, Matt Forte, Reggie Wayne (and a hand full of others) going on the gridiron.

I was frantically changing channels.  Casey rolls in a birdie putt, flip.  Benson loses a fumble, flip.  Forte loses a fumble, flip.  Moss catches a 15 yarder, flip.  Stricker misses a 10-footer.  Kuchar puts it on the green from the rough.  Goosen acts emotionless.  Flip.  Benson breaks a 22 yarder.  Moss drops a pass, flip.  Forte, out of nowhere catches a bomb down the left side of the field and takes it to the house.  Celebration, flip.  Casey liping out, damn it. Flip.   Benson stuffed, damn it.  Flip.  Dustin Johnson pulls driver on 18 again, this is going to be good.  Straight down the middle, damn.  Flip.  Wayne makes a circus grab, but cant get in the end zone.  Flip.  Johnson (who is on JP's team) make the putt to win. 
I am out of breath. 

That was a quick recap of my day between 1 and 5:45.  Considering that I didn't get off the couch, it was pretty crazy. 

I love golf, and I love football, but they make Sunday afternoons a little crazy.

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