Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do Tigers Mark Their Territory?

My jaw dropped when I saw it, and it set off a barrage of thoughts that led me to conclude that Tiger's must in fact be territorial.

I was out to dinner with a few friends last night when I noticed a good looking leggy brunette at a table across from us.  Her hair was a well manicured mess, and she was wearing too much eye-makeup, but she was pretty damn good looking.

I wouldn't have given her a second thought though, but something else happened.  A few minutes later, as she was getting up to leave, she exposed a tramp stamp on her back.  Not my thing usually, but they're definitely noticeable.

As I was taking in the artwork on her back, that's when it happened.  My jaw dropped.  It wasn't a butterfly tattoo, or a tribal symbol.  It was a Tiger Woods TW logo.  Any golfer would have recognized it.

I started thinking, is this a mistress?  She had all the characteristics.  Good looking but trashy, long hair with with plastic... well you know where this is going.  And she even had the mark!

What if Tiger Woods marked all his mistresses?  I mean it makes perfect sense, he's cocky and arrogant, and his lady friends don't strike me as the type that would be opposed to such a thing.  The TW logo, the symbol of Tiger's virtual omniscience in the world of sports, is the perfect symbol for the Tiger to mark his conquests too.  It would be so fitting, wouldn't it?

When I got home I had to find out who this beautiful woman with a Tiger Woods tattoo was.  I found a fittingly trashy article on the New York Post website with more than a few pictures of the Tiger cubs.  Nothing there.  I spent another thirty minutes looking through picture's of the Woods harem to no avail. 

Maybe I stumbled upon one of the much maligned mistresses.  Just not one of the highly publicized dozen who have used their rendezvous to get their names and faces in People magazine.  Or maybe I just stumbled on to a hot golfer who idolizes Tiger Woods and wanted everyone to know.  Either way, it was one hell of a tattoo.

Side note:  What's with the sexy teacher-looking girl below Tiger?  What a guy...

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