Monday, October 25, 2010

Justin Timberlake = Awesome

If I had to pick any celebrity to be best friends forever with, it would definately be Justin Timberlake. 

Justin seems to just shrug off his status as a pop icon, his status as a sex symbol, and his status as one of the most prolific musicians of the decade. He's so cool, he didnt even notice that he got famous. 

So why talk about JT on a golf blog?  Well he happens to be one of the game's biggest advocates and a low single digit handicapper (google says he's a six...)  So yes, he is not just more talented and better looking than me, he's a better golfer too. 

But back to the point: a lot of celebrities are good golfers becuase, lets face it, all they have to do all day is be famous, which isnt really that hard.  What sets Timberlake apart is that he gives back to the game and the community, unlike most other celebs.  I mean he has his own golf tournament for christ's sake.  And the Justin Timerlake Shriners Open, at TPC Southerlin, has quickly become a bona fide tournament and the premier event of the Fall Classic. 

Though many of you may not have noticed, the event took place this weekend in Las Vegas, NV and journeyman pro Johnathan Byrd emerged victorious in yet another thrilling finish.  Ok, thrilling is an understatement.  The dude shot three under part to make it into a three way playoff, which went three holes until he had a hole-in-one to win the tournament.  WHO DOES THAT?  I am no golf historian, but I am venturing a guess that no one, in the history of professional golf, has ever had a hole in one to end a playoff.  But please correct me if I am wrong.

As Byrd walks up too retrieve his ball, Timberlake walks out on the green, drops to his knees, and begins the "were not worthy" bow down routine.  It was quite a sight, and fitting for a finish for what was an awesome tournament. 

As host, Timberlake had all his charisma and talent on display this week.  Beginning with the Wednesday Pro Am right up through the final press conferences, JT was gracious, funny, and just down right cool as shit.   Even among the usually down to earth golfer crowd, he seemed like a class act who was involved with this tournament for all the right reasons. 

Need even more evidence that JT is the coolest dude alive?  Check out his golf course, Mirimichi.  It is the most environmentally friendly course in the nation and serves as both a bird and wildlife sanctuary.  It is the first course in the world to recieve the prestigous Audubon Classic Sanctuary designation, and it is the first course in North, South or Central America to recieve the Golf Environment Organization offcial certification.  It goes without saying that its gorgeous.

 Hat's off to JT for being cool, and to J. Byrd, for giving us yet another thrilling finish.

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