Thursday, October 21, 2010

Was that my dad that just won the Frys Open?

Rocco Mediate could be my dad. 

I dont mean biologically, of course (at least I dont think so...gross.), I just mean that his demenor on the course, his funky homemade swing, his happy-go-lucky attitude and the fact that he, like my dad, is happy just being on a golf course.

But here's the difference between Rocco and my dad: Rocco's a really really good golfer, and my dad is not.

Rocco has been on tour since before I was born.  He's won 5 times now, and this weekend's win was his first in almost a decade.  Although he's never won a major, his runner up performance in 2008 at Torrey Pines will go down in history as the best David vs. Golaith battle of all time.  And he's 45th on the all time PGA earnings list with nearly $17 million in cash prizes. 

So yeah, unfortunately he's not my dad.

Through all his years as a professional golfer though, Rocco proved that he is just like you and I.  He doesnt wear the coolest clothes.  He's a little over weight.  He cant drive a golf ball 370 yards.  And his pitching wedge isn't his 175 yard club.  He clearly loves playing golf and feels lucky to be doing so.  He shoots the shit, drinks cheap beer, and I'd bet he even takes gimmies when he can.  Like I said, just like you and I.

And it is these charcateristics that set Rocco Mediate apart from his peers. 

The spectacle at 08 US Open was so incredible, so unparalleled, so unprecented because it really felt like the guy out there playing the machine-like Tiger Woods was a man who is exactly like you and I. 
This weekend Rocco proved yet again that although he looks a lot like us, and he acts a lot like us, our golf games don't really have much in common.  His Birdie, Eagle, Par-to-win finish was one of the best of the year, and definately something I will never do. 

So hats off to you, Mr. Rocco Mediate.  You're cool.  You're Rich.  And you're really really good at golf... (unlike my dad, sorry old man)

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  1. So I don't have $17 million and I am a mediocre golfer, I still can beat you on a few holes and can afford to buy your golf once in a while. And, remember who even taught you how to golf, my son!