Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its so nice...

Thank God its golf season again. 

Is there anything better than sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, and watch an undisturbed round of golf? 

We are in Tucson to celebrate my parents birthday, to get out of the cold, and to get in a few good rounds of golf. But it never occured to me that I would be sitting here watching--not playing--golf. 

The season snuck up on me.  Work was hectic, football was consuming, and the holidays were... busy.  And frankly, it was a pleasant surprise when I figured out that I would be able to use some of my much deserved vacation to watch last year's winners blast their way around Kapalua.

Well, watch as they blast"ed" their way around the course. 

Its a bit strange to watch day old golf in the middle of the day.  With the five-hour time change in Hawaii (or six???) it' wierd to watch new coverage with dinner and old coverage with lunch.   Wierd, but certainly not bad. 

Now some quick commentary.

1) Robert Garrigus' long ball puts Dustin Johnson to shame.  I just watched Garrigus drive a ball 394 into the wind on the downhill 18th.  DJ, a few groups earlier laid into one and only hit it 372.  What a sissy.

2) Rules are stupid.  Camilo Villegas shouldnt have been disqualified from the tournament for his flippant "grounding of the club".  What a crock.  If anything, the whole pitch it up to the green, have it roll back, pitch it up to the green, have it roll back, pitch it up to the green again experience was great because it showed amateurs like you and I that this shit happens even to the best of us.

3) Kapalua rocks.  I can't wait to play there for two reasons.  First, I want to hit a 400 yard drive. And second, I want to go to Hawaii.  The scenery is beautiful and course is outstanding.

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